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Digital revolution runs in our blood. We want to see organizations empowered by digital transformation, augmented intelligence and predictive analytics.
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We Love HealthTech
We are driven by the vision of seeing healthcare industries in Asia and emerging markets take a leap towards digitization for the greater good. Our mission is to unleash the power of augmented intelligence and machine learning to healthcare.
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Predictive Analytics for Health Care
We work on integrating applications to healthcare data to determine patients who are at risk of developing certain conditions or lifetime illnesses. This can lead to early detection and timely administration.
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Future-Proof your Portfolio
Don't be left behind in a rapidly competitive fourth industrial revolution. Digitize your operations by investing in systems that will make you ahead of the game.
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Grow Your Business with Technology
Embrace the digital wave. Evolve from analog operations. Incorporate the digital perspective. We are here to help you level-up or redesign your operations.
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Empower Your Business through Digital Transformation

We help you stay ahead of the competition by providing digital products and services that will help enhance, secure and optimize your operations. We help companies embrace a culture of change through education and innovation.

Future-Proof Your Business

One of Google’s pioneers said, “Just because you’re successful in the past doesn’t mean you are pre-ordained to be successful in the future.” We have seen companies run out of business because one thing they failed to innovate.


MEDtrix Hospital Information Management System is our flagship product that incorporates advanced technology to help medical professionals prevent patient diseases. It’s a product of both management-driven and tech-driven approach honed by years of our partnership and actual experience with hospitals. Learn more


Hybrain provides staffing and placement services to meet global workforce requirements. We perform efficient sourcing and recruitment of qualified a candidates from various industries such as web, creative media and programming.
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Customized Software Services

Customized Software

Everything is going digital and your customers expect better experience through digitisation. We tailor-craft information systems and technologies to better your workflow, grow your market, improve security and reduce paper clutter. We build apps, websites, information systems and any customised programs. 

Custom Website Development

A website is a powerful marketing tool which improves your sales effectiveness, increases your authority in the market, adds to your reputation, saves money on information distribution, gives organised information to your team and improves customer experience. We can set-up SSL to your site and make it friendly to all types of screen sizes.

Network Assessment & Testing

Security of information infrastructure is an essential element to organizational progress. Assessment and identification of risks will bring more cost-savings and operational efficiency.

We provide strategic solutions that make your organization thrive. We use our deep experience with design, implementation and IT Enterprise Environments to give you superior IT advice and leadership.



  • Outsourcing
  • Mobile Apps
  • E-Commerce
  • Automation
  • Online Appointment System
  • CMS or Online Systems
  • Business Email & Apps
  • Customized Software


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Bacolod: Top Destination for Outsourcing

Bacolod City A Rising Software Outsourcing Destination Bacolod City as Top Destination for Outsourcing Operations for 2018 Bacolod City, Negros Occidental remains to be a preferred location for outsourcing operations as confirmed by top international consulting firms and companies. Bacolod is a mid-sized city that also serves as the capital of the province of Negros

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Why Invest in an Information System?

Benefits of an Information System Why Invest in an Information System? Information Systems serve as the foundation for moving an organization or business forward by giving business intelligence, easier flow of operations and data security. Among others, some advantages of Management Information Systems is to provide data so top-decision makers and leaders can identify performance

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