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HYBrain, is a software company based in the Philippines. With its mission of Leading the way in augmenting healthcare systems and bridging the gap of services through innovation, HYBrain was selected as a Philippine delegate to various international conferences headed by the Philippines government:

Health Information and Management System Society Congress, Feb 2018, USA

ConnecTech Asia, Singapore, June 2018 and June 2019

ASEAN – Korea StartUp, Seoul Korea, September 2018

RISE Conference, Hong Kong, July 2019

Elevate-Toronto, Canada, Oct 2019


And is awarded as the Philippines Best StartUp for Machine Learning 2019 by New Entrepreneurs Foundation, RICE Bowl Awards and a finalist to the ASEAN Awards on the said category.


HYBrain envisions to become a global leader in Healthcare Information Technology, 


HYBrain is a homegrown start-up company that specializes in helathcare management software. HYBrain is investing heavily in developing the core product called MEDtrix to become more competitive in serving the healthcare industry through digital transformation.

Guided by your vision, the HYBrain Team's goal is to link you to the world.


Our mission is to create value-oriented solutions for our clients. We aim to provide users with sophisticated technology that will enable them to communicate and correspond with improved efficiency. We commit to providing you a holistic approach on information technology that will complement your business, lifestyle and ideas.


If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.
– Peter F. Drucker

We are challenged by the vast change the world is developing right before our eyes. So fast, that we have to continuously seek for better ideas, improve capacity, and take limitless opportunities.

Guided by your vision, the HYBrain Team’s goal is to link you to the world. By setting high precepts in software development, we strive to deliver, exceed expectations and ensure customer satisfaction.

Credibility and building relationship with our customers are the foundation of our organization, and this inspires us to work hard in achieving our mission and yours. We invite you to take a few minutes to learn about what we do and what we provide, and we welcome ideas as we innovate the world one software at a time.

John Dave Duenas

CEO & Co-Founder, HYBrain

Our Products

We have invested of man hours to develop an information system that is ready to serve the complex exchanges of healthcare management.


A comprehensive and integrated hospital information management system that can cater the needs of hospitals, clinics and healthcare organization. With Medtrix, you can capture real time performance, top-performing sectors, reduce paper clutters and save collective time of employees’ travel time. Learn more.



We understand your business situation since we are a local company ourselves based in Bacolod City. Unlike multinational corporations, we understand the dynamics of Philippine setting when it comes to accounting practices, tax compliance, and other business dynamics. Learn more.

Our Services

We have been equipped by our collective trainings and experiences in integrating technology to business and we are ready to deploy ourselves for our clients' greater good.



You can save more and achieve more by partnering with us because we provide skilled manpower at a fraction of a cost! Being in a country with lower cost of operations, a city with a high rating for ease of doing business and a country with a young population, you can leverage our advantage as IT firm here in the Philippines. Learn more


Customized Software

Got an idea how computers can give your business a competitive advantage? Why not source to us. We handcraft information systems so you can make your operations faster, more efficient and more secure. We also suggest what IT assets you should use such as servers, networks, computer specs and IT personnel so you won’t underspend or overspend.


Our 6th Street Lacson Office

Our Montevista / Homesite Office

Renovation Plan (Ongoing): Montevista / Homesite Office

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