Adventist Medical Center

Bacolod Adventist Medical Center or BAMC is a 175-bed tertiary hospital based in Bacolod City. Due to the need for a dynamic information system to capture a holistic view of the hospital operations, we have custom built software programs believing that business solutions should adjust to the problems of the user and not the other way around, wherein the user had to adjust to the solution.  

We pride ourselves of having worked with the Adventist Medical Center of Bacolod in designing a cohesive and integrated system that will advance patient care by making sure that data driven decisions are readily available. 


is an integrated Hospital Information Management Software (HIMS) that helps organise, simplify and improve complex hospital information circulation. We design modules including Materials Management, Human Resource and Accounting that comprehensively address the overall data needs of the hospital and help top decision-makers make well-informed decisions.

Email System

We have developed a personalized email for the members of Adventist Health Group. We uplift your business brand by personalizing your emails rather than using the free ones. By having yours and your staff's emails ending with you achieve more authority, data security and more customers as most likely you won't end up in spam folders.


We are working on the BAMC website that works together with the hospital's multi-faceted services. A website is your marketing partner that works for you 24/7. With the growing number of mobile users and free internet data, a well-thought website must not stay underinvested.


We have a team member who has a 9-year work experience as a senior auditor for Ernst & Youngs and has a major contribution to the accounting system of BAMC. You could also benefit from our software at par with standard accounting practices.


Hospitals deal with critical patient information and this includes compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012. Part of our team specializes in Data Security which, by partnering with us, could help you comply with NPS, NTC, ICT and other regulatory agencies of our government.

From Scratch

We built the BAMC software from scratch. We can customize software that will only operates around your needs. In contrast, buying from off-the-shelf products may cause you to have a product that is unfit to your needs, costing you more money and time in the long run.

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