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We have been entrusted with a reputable task to create, design and maintain the government website of Bacolod City. In this project, we made sure that the website we made for the city government has the following features:


Bacolod City Government is able to save time, manpower and money due to access of different documents such as forms, reports, announcements, barangay information and disclosures due to E-bin section. This functionality can also help your organization save the environment by going paperless or reducing carbon footprint of some departmental operations.

Responsive Design

We make sure that the website we create for you is compatible with different screen sizes of your audience. The number of people viewing from their mobile or tablets has been on a growing trend and has even overtaken desktop views in many countries. By making sure of your web's responsiveness and fluidity, you can have the confidence that the experience of your audience is not compromised due to device screen size.

Capacity to Add Information

We designed a functionality that the internal IT department of Bacolod City Government can by themselves publish the latest updates and news about the city.

Organized Information

We help you organize all the related information about your city or town through the help of the integrated website. With this tool, you can point your guests or enquiries where they can extract information pertaining to your organization.

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