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MECO is Manila Economic and Cultural Office and is the Philippine’s Representative Office in Taiwan. From the About Page: MECO, as the duly designated instrumentality to promote and protect Philippine interests in Taiwan, has been authorized and conferred with authority to perform functions usually carried out by Philippine foreign missions but of a non-political, non-security nature. 

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Passport Appointment System

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Placing all necessary information that will help you organise your audience transactions and client journey. We help our clients come up with a cohesive flow that will bring ease and increased value as to how your organization handles data and processes.

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We make sure that the website is compatible with different screen sizes such as mobile because of the growing number of people who access information from their phones or tablets. By working with responsiveness and fluidity of design, you can have the confidence that your audience views data that are not compromised or misplaced due to design or screensize of their device. 

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Through our service, we were able to give MECO’s audience the ability to access different offices nearest to them. Other services such as Mobile App and other services were now at within reach.

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We make it easy for you and your constituents to avail forms and guidelines necessary for their transaction with you. Having them altogether in an online portal saves your organization much time and money for the months and years ahead.


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