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As the President ordered during his 2019 SONA, we help you achieve better and simple civil services through digital transformation
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Barangay Management Information System

In the Philippines, HYBrain provides software development products and these include Barangay Management Information System which helps move the government to faster, better and more secure services through digitalization. 

  • Centralized management of citizen information
  • Quicker and better retrieval of information for better and faster service delivery
  • Increases efficiency, profiling, archiving and employee productivity
    • For Barangay System
    • Masterlist of residents
    • Issuance of barangay clearance and other types of clearances
    • Barangay summon/blotter
    • Barangay officials + history
    • Updated Data on Residents per Barangay
    • Data Monitoring System for Barangay and other Clearances
    • Management of Summons and blotter
  • Other customized functions requested by the LGU/ Barangay

Barangay Management Information System

We can install for your government a useful Barangay Blotter System. Here are the features included:

  • The dashboard gives the total registered population, sexes and registered voters; as well as the barangay officials and puroks/areas.
  • List of residents and necessary information
  • Capacity to add or edit new resident
  • Blotter creation and management
  • Settlement reports and schedules
  • Issuing of Barangay clearance
  • Issuing of Certificate of Residency

Barangay Information System

Dashboard for Barangay Official / Officer

  • List of Officials
  • List of Puroks
  • Barangay Details (Logo, Name, City, Province)
  • Population Breakdown(By Gender, Voter Status, Resident Type)

Resident Information Management

  • List of Residents

  • Search Resident

  • Register New Resident

  • View Resident Records

  • Personal Information

  • Blotter Records

  • Certificate Issuance History (for current year)

  • Edit Resident Records

  • Delete Resident Records

Blotter Records

  • List of Blotter Records
  • Search/Filter Blotter Records (Blotter Type, Date Reported)
  • View Blotter Records
  • Blotter Details
  • Narrative Report
  • List of Persons Involved
  • Settlement History
  • View Settlement Record
  • Generate Printable Report

Settlement Schedules

  • Scheduled Today
    • New Settlement Report
    • Search/Filter
  • Scheduled Settlements
    • Search/ Filter
    • Print Letter of Summon
    • Create new settlement Report
  • Unscheduled Settlements
    • Set settlement report
    • Search/Filter
  • Settled cases
    • Search/ Filter
    • View Records

Resident Search

  • Resident Search
  • Issue Certificate
  • View Restricted Certificate and Restriction
  • Generate and Print Certificate

Customized Reports

  • Customized Reports

Barangay Config


    • Details
      • Update Barangay Details(name, City, Province)
      • Update barangay Logo
    •  Puroks
      • List of puroks with population count
      • Edit purok name,
      • Delete purok
      • New purok
    •  Officials
      • Year of service Filter
      • List of current officials
      • Update List
        • Edit Individual barangay official
        • Create new List

User Accounts

  • Accounts
    • Delete Account
    • New Accounts
  •  Session history
    • List of Sessions
    • Filter
  •  Current User Account Setting
    • Update Password


  • System
    • Update City Logout
  • Religion
    • Add New Religion
    • Edit Religion
    • Update Religion


  • Login
  • Forgot Password Feature
    • Username search
    • Security Question
    • Update password

Need to Customize Software?

  • Contact us for additional features or functions
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