Human Resource Information System

MEDtrix HRIS system is designed to enhance the management of hospital workers and speed-up HR efforts such as recruitment, attendance, payroll, loans management, and other requests.  This system works cohesively with the other hospital modules, allowing your HR managers increase their operational efficiency and improve the quality of their decisions. 

HRIS Functionalities

  • Dashboard View
    • Announcements: Create & Manage
    • Events: Create & Manage
    • Birthdays
  • Doctor Registration & Search
  • Requests Management
    • Pending Alerts
    • Filterable
  • Employee Profile
    • Registration & Search
    • Create Requests
  • Payroll
    • Generate New
    • Search, View and Void
  • Loans Approval
    • Search, View by Level or by Individual
    • Approve or Reject
  • Loans Payment
    • View, Search or Filter
    • Add Payment
  • Charges Approval
  • Advances Approval
  • Leaves Approval
  • Shifts, Credentials & Overtime Approvals
  • Attendance
  • Activities Scheduling
  • Payroll Reports; Employees and Consultants

The Power of Augmented Intelligence in Health Tech

Big Data

We help increase your value as an organization by making use of data science & deep learning.


With predictive analytics, a patient's susceptible diseases have higher chances to be detected, adding value to your hospital.

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