MEDtrix is a fully-integrated hospital information system that can meet the requirements of all corners of a running health care institution. You can get them by package or by a la carte.

Hospital Information Systems (HIS) are enterprise-grade, comprehensive, integrated information systems designed to manage medical, financial and other business related functions in the hospital. These are massive, complex, integrated systems that support the comprehensive information requirements of hospitals, including patient, clinical, ancillary and financial management. 


We were born out of the pain points experienced by hospitals and we have invested heavily in developing the solutions. Take a look at advantages in investing in our system.


We are the most comprehensive, complete, affordable and fully-integrated systems provider in the market so you won't have to deal with multiple sources. Just a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Market Research

Take a look at some of the most reputable research authorities on why they say that leaping towards the digitalization of healthcare is the solution both to address needs and customer brand trust.

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Importance of HIS

Our partners have given practical reasons why investing in a robust hospital information system will put your organization ahead. Learn more by clicking the title above.

Competitor Analysis

Take a look at the studies made by hospitals and contacts as to the current pains and issues with the competitors hospital information system.

Our Clients

We have partnered with hospitals to create a system that is both medically and professionally-designed and technologically-competent. Take a look

Advantages of MEDtrix Hospital System

Among many, here are top reasons why investing in our hospital system is worth it.

Reduce RTH and Increase Revenue

Enjoy high success compliance rate with PhilHealth requirements; Reduce accounts receivables due to Non-PNF (drugs) control system

Better Patient Care

Faster processes and approvals, better announcement system via SMS or Email, reduced waiting times, quick and coordinated care towards better brand recognition.

Faster Discharge Process

Reduce discharge process to as fast as 30 Minutes through our software, thereby increasing your occupation rate and income. Our studies have shown that the longer the patient waits until he/she "goes home", the lower is the income potential and the satisfaction rating of the hospital.

From Data Entry to Strategy

Move on from data compliance to overall strategy and management. Make informed and fact-based decisions through comprehensive accounting dashboard and data pull-ins

Hospital System Modules

Hospital System

Patient Care Management, Admission, Emergency, Inpatient, Outpatient, Requisitions, Labs, Pharmacy, Tests, Radiology, Dietary, Billing, Cashiering, Discharge/Go Home.


Effectively manage stocks, items, supplies, purchases, medicines, vendors, suppliers, assets (inventory), stock requests, purchase order, delivery and returns.


Management of human resources such as doctors and employees, attendance, payroll, loans, requests, charges, advances, leaves, shifts, credentials, overtime, activities and users.


Automatic pull-ins, auto journals, beginning balance, chart of accounts, financial statements, bank series, vouchers, budget monitoring, templates, reports, payroll debit memo.

Fixed Assets

Asset registry, equipment, job orders, disposals, inventory, relocation, maintenance, depreciation, settings.

Clinic System

Paperless clinic system, patient data management and list, consultation dashboard, discharge diagnosis, doctor's orders, prescriptions, labs, patient details, payment, appointment scheduling, income record, system config.


Electronic Health or Medical Records, dashboard for patient details, nursing services, demographics, assessments, physicians, lab results, medications, nurse's notes, discharge summary, case history, blood type, allergies.

PhilHealth Claims

PHIC insurance claims integration, Claim Form-compliant (CF4 and CF3), outright deductions, patient list, generate SOA (8 types), patient diagnosis, ICD-10 diagnosis, professional/doctors' fee, PHIC transmittal, requirements.

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Hospital System Product Screenshots and Features

Market Research

Take a look at current market situations and forecasts as to why the “Digital Healthcare Leap” is the top solution for the Philippine’s and SouthEast Asia’s healthcare challenges.

Hospital / Health Information System Provider in the Philippines

HYBrain office

More Advantages of MEDtrix by HYBrain


You can get the system as a suite or per individual module. You can get what you need for now and gradually expand as your growth arises. We have invested heavily on a system suite to serve the holistic needs a healthcare institution. HYBrain has invested heavily to incorporate all necessary modules for a healthcare institution. These modules are: Hospital operations (HIS), Materials Management, Human Resource, Accounting, Fixed Assets, Insurance Claims, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Clinic Management (CM).


We help assess your needs by working together with your IT and admin. Our service delivery and project management team work together and we are very flexible when it comes to pre-deployment customization. We are a local company too! And we understand how start-ups and companies struggle with day-to-day challenges. We're also an accredited partner of one of the Philippine's biggest telco and we can cater IT, SMS, connectivity and network needs. Clients can talk to us for payment terms and customization.


Managing hospital IT is hard! And we feel you. If you're starting, we also feel you. We work by providing support that you can reach by call, email or chat. Again, we are a local company with aspiring local Filipino professionals and let's dream together for a better future, and we see our role by providing the best and most competitive support, not just sales presentation.


We work not just on staying globally-competent but at the same time working on getting a foot hold on the local culture and dynamics such as payroll, tax compliance and organizational flow for a more contextualized approach on software development. Every inch of our software is informed by experience through medical professionals who worked with our dev team.


We work with hospitals and healthcare providers from concept to training to full-deployment stage. We make sure every step leads to full customer satisfaction.

Our Clients

BAMC ADventist Bacolod Hospital Information System Provider

This 157-bed, 53-year-old (as of Dec 2019) tertiary hospital in Bacolod City is our pioneer client and development partner. We are privileged to work with an institution like AMC BAcolod, giving us the leverage that are not just a software developer, but one that has first-hand experience with a very experienced hospital. This allowed us to create a software that is practically informed by the deep experiences with existing competitor HIS and the passage of time.

Tarlac Medical Center Hospital Information System Provider

Tarlac Medical Center Inc.

Designed by the world-renowned architect and urban-planner Felino Palafox, this medical center is rising in the proximity of the rising hub of Asia in Central Luzon.

Filipino’s are getting richer and median age are getting older. Now is the best time to invest in healthcare systems.

The Philippine population is growing by size and income and the demand for healthcare is expected to rise. More people are ageing, making healthcare as one of the most in demand now. Incomes are rising as the economy is rapidly increasing in Southeast Asia, causing the demand for quality to also rise. People are also living longer, which means expansion of medical expenditure per capita. 

However, the Philippines is experiencing a significant strain in healthcare as systems in place are in need of a new perspective particularly as to how the other industries are being reinvented by the digital revolution. As the demands rise, the demand for better, faster and accessible healthcare data management will also grow. Digital transformation of healthcare, if done properly, is a major solution. 

That’s why HYBrain Development Corporation invests heavily on developing a solution that meets the demands of the times. It’s time that you introduce digitisation to unlock and unleash the potential of healthcare service. Contact us for demo.

Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers Whitepaper

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is MEDtrix Hospital System accredited by DOH?

 Our product is newly launched and is undergoing formal accreditation with DOH (Department of Health), as the process requires historical data. But we are working closely with DOH if provisional accreditation. So yes, under provisional accreditation.

Is the hospital system PhilHealth CF4-compliant?

Yes. We understand that PhilHealth claim forms are constantly evolving, and we make sure we provide the update compliance. 

How does your UI look?

For years, we have designed the UI with the close supervision of our hospital client and development partner – the Bacolod Adventist Medical Center. At their belt is 50 years of hospital management experience and very close scrutiny with existing hospital system competitors. That’s why we can say that our hospital system is on the top of the top of its kind. Pls scroll up to the section called Hospital System Product Screenshots and Features​ to see more.

Can your hospital information modules integrate with existing hospital systems?

Yes. For example, if the client only wants our HRIS, AMS and MMS, we can integrate that to their existing Hospital Information System. They just need to pay for the software and the integration fee. 

The problem of most hospitals right now is the processing time which I think its almost halfday of processing before you can be finally discharged from the hospital. How about your system, How long is the processing time ?

The software allows REAL-TIME clearance notifications to every department the moment a patient is tagged for clearance. There is still a need for human touch such as approval of each department, but they will be notified via sound and via a numbering system. 

It can take as fast as 5-10 minutes for the patient to be “cleared” and ready for final billing. Once paid via cashier or via a cashier “per floor” of the hospital or at the main cashier, the patient is now settled and can be tagged as “go home.” This faster discharge time translates to a higher occupancy rate and higher income.

How is the security of your system?

We are aware of the emphasis and primacy of privacy especially in terms of data privacy and protection. That’s why we always iterate that we don’t just come-in as a provider but as a consultant. We are constantly updating with the benchmarks of NTC, National Privacy Commission and other government and regulating bodies. 

Can your system send automatic SMS?

Yes. We understand that some hospitals want to add value for their physicians and patients by automatic SMS messaging. We create SMS broadcast software and integrate it with the hospital systems to send infos such as lab results notifications, PF ready for pick-up, patient decisions and changes, PNDF and Non-PNDF notifications and anything you name of.

Is MEDtrix on-premise or on-cloud/web-based?

Both. Primarily it’s on-premise because clients would prefer operations without the internet, but we advise a regular cloud back-up solution. We can also put some components to a cloud-based environment to enable telecommunications and data-sharing with other sister hospitals or remote admin access. 

Is your accounting system automatically pulling-in data?

Yes. It automatically pull-ins data from HIMS and other modules, saving you tons of man hours of manual data entry and encoding. 

What are your plans to become future-ready?

Augmented Intelligence. We design so that your hospital can do machine learning and operate on learning algorithms such as predictive analytics. With this added value, your hospital earns higher esteem from patients, doctors and clients. 

How can we save money if we invest in your system?

  • Reduced RTH (Return-to-Hospital) occurences due to our built-in notification system for Non-PNDF medications
  • Faster discharge process results to higher occupancy rates and income
  • Save due to hiring one developer instead of multiple developers which are expensive especially based in the expensive regions
  • Robust accounting module causes you to make well-informed decisions and data-driven management moves
  • HRIS causes you to take good care of your employees and they take good care of your patients. 
  • Flexible installment schemes
  • Reduced bugs and maintenance costs due to years of development based from 50 years of medical experience
  • Free support, upgrades, maintenance, consulting, hardware recommendations, structured cabling recommendations for a period of time. 



MEDtrix is a full blown ERP System that is fully integrated in all corners of running a healthcare institution. It can run as a whole or as an individual module.


Choose one or a set combination of our modules: Phase 1 Modules: Hospital Information System, Material Management System, Finance and Accounting System and Human Resources Information System. Phase 2: Clinical Management System and Electronic Health Records. Phase 3: E-Claims Portal Phase 4: Augmented Intelligence


We at HYBrain know the pains of hospitals especially when it comes to local support and need for flexibility when it comes to software adjustments. We can easily talk it over, and our prices are way more affordable!


MEDtrix is specifically-designed by medical professionals and hospital administrators informed by years and even decades of experience on hospital and clinical operations. We at HYBrain are a team of young and local members driven with a mission for the common good.

Key Benefits

Reduced Costs

MEDtrix provides an effective solution to hospitals that plan to reduce the costs of administrative and clinical transactions, and at the same time, provide better service to their consumers.

Streamlined Operations

It aids hospital administrators by significantly improving operational control and streamlining operations

Automated Processes

It enables improved response to demands of patient care because it automates the process of collecting, collating and retrieving patient information

Improved Offerings

Clinical pathways mapped to the system improve diagnoses and treatments offered

Intelligent Flow

By enabling an automated and intelligent flow of patient information, to better serve patients

Reduced Clutter, Faster Flow

Easier patient record management, reduced paperwork, faster information flow between various departments

Better Organizational Monitoring

Greater organizational flexibility, reliable and timely information, minimal inventory levels

Reduced Wastage

Reduced wastage, reduced waiting time at the counters for patients and reduced registration time for patients

Improved Hospital Image

The indirect benefits would be an improved image of the hospital and increased competitive advantage

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