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The Future of HealthTech

MEDtrix is our flagship product, a fully-integrated hospital information management system that incorporates augmented intelligence and machine learning to administer patient care effectively.


Here are 5 reasons why MEDtrix is a premier investment for your organization.


Some may not be aware but augmented intelligence is already here. Whether you are using search engines or typing using a screen keyboard, augmented intelligence is already here, making our daily lives and tasks easier. MEDtrix is driven to incorporate AI to the healthcare industry. 

Our goal is not just to assist hospitals and administrators manage healthcare information, but to help them overcome future challenges and make better decisions through data collection and analysis. Historical data can be used to predict future preferences or possibilities.


HYBrain has invested heavily to incorporate all necessary modules for a healthcare institution. These modules are: Hospital operations (HIS), Materials Management, Human Resource, Accounting, Fixed Assets, Insurance Claims, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Clinic Management (CM).


We work not just on staying globally-competent but at the same time working on getting a foot hold on the local culture and dynamics such as payroll, tax compliance and organizational flow for a more contextualized approach on software development. Every inch of our software is informed by experience through medical professionals who worked with our dev team.


Accurate information of the patient is key to effective administration of care. We invested on developing a system that is user-friendly, robust and scalable to cater the needs of patient records and clinic management.

MEDtrix Modules

MEDtrix offers fully-integrated and comprehensive set of modules. You can get them by phases or individually as ala carte.


Hospital Information System (HIS), Materials Management System (MMS), Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Accounting Management System (AMS), PhilHealth E-claims (PHIC-EC)


Clinical Management, Electronic Management Records

Phase 3

EClaims Integration

Phase 4

Augmented Intelligence and Machine Learning

A La Carte

Avail our modules on individual basis depending  on your organizations’ needs, or you can have us or your IT consultant do a scoping of your operations and have us hand-in a handcarfted HealthCare System Proposal.

A revolutionary solution with end-to-end features for simplifying hospital management – all at a cost which provides the fastest ROI. It features unparalleled flexibility & scalability, comprehensive report types, easy customization, intuitive visuals and interactive graphics that simplify complex data, dashboards supported quality initiatives and comprehensive drill-down capabilities.

HIS - Hospital Information System

Health Information System

MEDtrix HIS is a comprehensive and integrated module that helps the administration and hospital workers manage operations from admission to discharge (go home). With HIS, healthcare providers can manage transactions with speed, security, accuracy and ease. 

Materials Management System

This technology allows you to excellently manage the processes, monitoring and maintenance of medicines and supplies. It enables a healthcare institution to maintain a centralized record of every material, providing a single source of information for items, quantity of stocks, vendors, suppliers, and informations critical for the stewardship of your assets.

HIDDEN: https://www2.camcode.com/asset-tags/what-is-an-inventory-management-system/

Human Resource Information System

MEDtrix HRIS system is designed to enhance the management of hospital workers and speed-up HR efforts such as recruitment, attendance, payroll, loans management, and other requests.  This system works cohesively with the other hospital modules, allowing your HR managers increase their operational efficiency and improve the quality of their decisions. 

PhilHealth Insurance Corporation Integration

We make it easy for you to file claims from PhilHealth with our PHIC module. This E-claims solution is compliant with the latest CF4 requirement of PhilHealth, allowing you to generate faster claims. By migrating from manual claim filing to automated filing, your organization can achieve faster services and increased value.

Fixed Assets Management

With FAM software, you stay up-to-date in tracking fixed assets. Hospitals and healthcare providers face a significant challenge to track the location, quantity, condition, maintenance and depreciation status of their fixed assets. With MEDtrix Fixed Assets Management module, you stay on top of financial accounting, preventive maintenance, and theft deterrence of your fixed assets.

Accounting Management System

MEDtrix AMS records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal, general ledger, payroll, and trial balance. It functions as an accounting information system.


Electonic Medical Records

Clinical Management


The Philippine population is growing and the demand for healthcare is expected to rise. More people are also ageing, making healthcare more in demand.

Also, incomes are rising as the economy thrives, causing the demand for better healthcare services to increase as days go by. People are also living longer, which means expansion of medical expenditure per capita.

However, the Philippines is experiencing a significant strain in healthcare as systems in place are in need of a new perspective particularly as to how the other industries are being reinvented by the digital revolution.

As the demands rise, the demand for better, faster and accessible healthcare data management will also grow.

Digital transformation of healthcare, if done properly, is a major solution. That’s why HYBrain Development Corporation invests heavily on developing a solution that meets the demands of the times.

Efficient Operations at Cost-Effective Price

MEDtrix is the flagship software product that was designed and developed by healthcare professionals (both in patient care and hospital operations administration) and our team of experts in ERP System.

The system is custom built believing that business solutions should adjust to the problems of the user and not the other way around, wherein the user had to adjust to the solution.  We pride ourselves of having worked with the Adventist Medical Center of Bacolod in designing a cohesive and integrated system that will advance patient care by making sure that data driven decisions are readily available. 

MEDtrix Hospital Information System Features

  • PhilHealth CF4 - Compliant
  • Patient-Centered Approach
  • User-friendly, Easy-to-Use & Web-Enabled Applications
  • Multi-level Distributed Hospital Information System
  • Security & Privacy (Authentication, Authorization, Privacy Policy)
  • Integration
  • Patient identification
  • Single Log-in
  • Use of Controlled Vocabularies for Coding
  • Data Consistency
  • Transparency
  • Single Enterprise Warehouse Data Store
  • Robustness, Reliability, Performance
  • Scalability & Portability (Open Modular Architecture, Declared Interfaces, etc)


Support & Training

We work with hospitals and healthcare providers from concept to training to full-deployment stage. We make sure every step leads to full customer satisfaction.


Unlike off-the-shelf products, we offer MEDtrix as a hospital information system that can be fully-customized to cater to the needs of our clients whether it be due to size, operations or others.


The language and processes used for the system are made sure to stay at par with the latest programming practices to ensure security, speed and future value.



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Data Security-Compliant

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Accounting System

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Key Benefits

Reduced Costs

MEDtrix provides an effective solution to hospitals that plan to reduce the costs of administrative and clinical transactions, and at the same time, provide better service to their consumers.

Streamlined Operations

It aids hospital administrators by significantly improving operational control and streamlining operations

Automated Processes

It enables improved response to demands of patient care because it automates the process of collecting, collating and retrieving patient information

Improved Offerings

Clinical pathways mapped to the system improve diagnoses and treatments offered

Intelligent Flow

By enabling an automated and intelligent flow of patient information, to better serve patients

Reduced Clutter, Faster Flow

Easier patient record management, reduced paperwork, faster information flow between various departments

Better Organizational Monitoring

Greater organizational flexibility, reliable and timely information, minimal inventory levels

Reduced Wastage

Reduced wastage, reduced waiting time at the counters for patients and reduced registration time for patients

Improved Hospital Image

The indirect benefits would be an improved image of the hospital and increased competitive advantage

We Customize

We understand that needs vary for each health facility, that’s why we work closely with the management in order to achieve a tailor-fitted, customized and needs-based hospital information system.

When you purchase CompAcct Software from us, you can have it modified locally to cater specific needs of your organization.

Provide Ease for Healthcare Providers

A revolutionary solution with an end-to-end feature for simplifying hospital management - a system that is flexible and easy-to-use to deliver real benefits to hospitals.

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