AI: The Future in Health Tech

Accelerate your organization’s growth and digital transformation with AI and Machine Learning.

We believe that a big slice of health tech’s future is in Augmented Intelligence, that’s why we invest heavily in AI so your organization can gain greater value with MEDtrix.

AI is Here


Some may not be aware but augmented intelligence is already here. Whether you are using search engines or typing using a screen keyboard, augmented intelligence is already here, making our daily lives and tasks easier. MEDtrix is driven to incorporate AI to the healthcare industry.

Our goal is not just to assist hospitals and administrators manage healthcare information, but to help them overcome future challenges and make better decisions through data collection and analysis. Historical data can be used to predict future preferences or possibilities.

The Power of Augmented Intelligence in Health Tech

Big Data

We help increase your value as an organization by making use of data science & deep learning.


With predictive analytics, a patient's susceptible diseases have higher chances to be detected, adding value to your hospital.

Reduce Drug Interactions

Augmented Intelligence to work along side health professionals reduce drug interactions.

Collective Savings

AI can be used in other ways to automate repetitive tasks, causing doctors and professionals to spend time in things that matter more.

Machine Learning for Better Patient Care

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