Clinical Management System

Featured functionalities: Patients (OPD management), current transactions (OPD), appointment scheduling, doctor’s list of patients, income record, user access, system configuration

MEDtrix Clinical Management System (CMS) is an integrated and intuitive clinical management system solution that helps clinicians establish effective workflows, go paperless and eliminate bulky and risky paper storage, easier and secure access to data, improved efficiency and accuracy, higher patient satisfaction and speedy service.

Patients (OPD Management)

  • Dashboard (List of Current Active Patients)
    • The doctor or secretary can see patients who are currently present in his or her clinic
  • Queuing for the Next Patient
    • Doctor can see who is the next patient
  • Patient Registration
    • New patients without records can be registered by the secretary

Current Transactions (OPD)

  • Dashboard – doctor sees the following info inside the consultation room
    • Create and View Chief Complaint of Patient
    • Create and View Discharge Diagnosis
    • Referral to the Other Doctor – current doctor who is performing a checkup can refer to the other doctor
    • Referral (Lab or Other Department) – doctor can create or view laboratory request or diagnostic test of the patient
    • Dashboard inside Lab/X-ray for Queued Lab Requests
    • Doctor’s Order/Instruction (Input Functions)
    • Prescription Medicine (Items and Services)
    • Requisitions
    • Laboratory Documents (from outside the clinic)
      • Doctor can view scanned or photographed lab docs and uploaded by the secretary
      • Type of Documents: Laboratory, Prescription, etc. (.JPG, .PNG, or .PDF formats only)
      • Other Documents (Other results or docs)
    • Patient Details
      • Personal Data (Basic Information and Contact Details)
      • Case History
        • Lab History (includes outside hospital lab)
        • Medication History
          • (Rx) Prescribed Meds
          • (Hx) Meds
        • Doctor History
          • Doctor’s Orders
    • Payment
      • Consultation Payment/Others

Appointment Scheduling

  • Doctor’s Appointment (with SMS/Email notification) – secretary can input appointments internally and the doctor will be notified via Email and/or SMS
  • Consultation
    • Create consultation appointments
    • View of related consultations
      • user can see related connected consultations of a certain patient
    • Connect to Search Patient
      • user can click an appointment item and be connected to search patient
  • Meeting
    • create and view non-consultation meetings
  • Queuing for Consultation
    • user can queue consultations on a certain day at a certain determined limit

Doctor's List of Patients

  • User can view old and current patients (with transactions)

Income Record

  • Consultation and other Payments Record
  • HMO Collectibles
  • HMO Payment

User Access

  • Admin can add and assign users such as doctors and secretaries
  • Stand-alone User Access
  • User Login

System Configuration

  • Doctor Schedule
    • Admin or user can determine or edit the available schedule of the doctor’s availability

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