Get  a website for your profession, organization or event. We have ready layouts for you to choose from. Select from among our website templates and we will set-up your website for you. We can personalize the images, contents, font-styles and colors for you. See brochure

  • Responsive (Looks good in mobile, laptop or tablet)
  • Customizable
  • Free 1 year domain registration
  • Free 1 year web hosting
  • Free 1 year SSL
  • Free image optimization
  • Free speed optimization
  • Free one year preventive maintenance
  • Blog feed page option
  • Select from our templates
  • Select from our free dynamic functionalities (e.g. post snippets and customer input forms)
  • Select from our free blocks
  • Option to include other functionalities

The Items Below are "Theme-Based Templates"

Architect's Website

Cake Shop


Restaurant Menu


Travel & Tourism

Delivery Company



Web Templates to Choose From

Black Friday / Sale Promo
Cake Shop
Chiropractor / Therapist
Christmas – Car Agency
Christmas – Competition
Christmas – Conference
Christmas – Gift Shop
Christmas – Interior Design
Christmas – Tree shop
Coffee Shop
Coming Soon 1
Coming Soon 2
Coming Soon 3
Coming Soon 4
Coming Soon 5
Coming Soon 6
Coming Soon 7
Coming Soon 8
Coming Soon 9
Coming Soon 10
Conference 1
Conference 2
Conference 3
Conference 4
Conference 5
Copywriter / Accountant / Professional
Coupon 1
Coupon 2
Coupon 3
Coupon 4
Creative Agency
Creative Meetup
Delivery Company
Design Conference
Financial Consultant
Hotel – Luxury

Interior Design
Interior Designer
Law Convention
Law Firm
Meal Delivery / Healthy Food / Restaurant
Mobile App – 1
Mobile App – 2
Mobile App – 3
Mobile App – 4
Mobile App 2
Mobile App 3
Personal Trainer
Private Chef
Product – Software or Gadget
Real Estate 1
Real Estate 2
Real Estate 3
Real Estate 4
Real Estate 5
Restaurant 1
Restaurant 2
Ski Resort / Resort
Sports / Snowboard Site
Study Page
Travel & Tourism
Tourism 1
Tourism 2
Tourism 3
Tourism 4
Tourism 5
Vacation / AirBNB
Webinar Page
Wedding Page
Wedding Page 2

The Project Process

1 %

After 100% downpayment, client will fill-up the Template Website Order Form (TWOF) and sign the Agreement.

TWOF allows you to choose from 3 Starting Points:

  1. Select from our “Theme Based Templates” and we will only customize the texts and images provided by the client
  2. Submit his/her reference design but all elements that we will use will only be from our given “Blocks”, “Static Elements” and Dynamic Functionalities.
  3. A La Carte: Select from our given “Blocks”, “Static Elements” and Dynamic Functionalities to form.

HYBrain has the right to refuse contents that they assess to be inappropriate to be included in the portfolio.

See TWOF for more details. Once client submits TWOF, this is 30% of the project.

1 %

We will perform all the duties defined in the Template Website Order Form (TWOF) and Agreement.

We will notify the client how many working days we will work on the website. This includes the queue, domain purchase, DNS management, web hosting and design of the site.

We will submit the first draft of the website in the form of a public URL. Once the domain has been purchased, this is 50% of the project. 

Password-protected URL is optional.

1 %

User Acceptance Testing: Client reviews his/her website and requests for changes if any. We will assess the changes if within the scope or not. If within scope, not chargeable. Minor changes such as arrangements of text and image placements for design’s sake are free.

He/she can only ask for revisions that are within the bounds of the TWOF. Work is still at 50% if website is not within scope.

If client asks for revisions outside the scope of TWOF, this means additional usage of our time and resources, and will therefore entail additional fees to be billed to the client.

The client will then be billed per hour (inclusive of operations cost) if changes are not within scope. Rate is P1,000/hour.

If client has no more changes, he/she will sign the User Acceptance Form (UAF). This is 75% done for the project.

1 %

We will receive the UAF and give the client the website info kit. This is 100% of the project. We will give the receipt once client makes the 100% downpayment (before work commencement).

All the raw materials (images, content and videos) are owned by the client. Any concerns by the audience, we will relay to the client.

In the duration of the contract, web tools such as the domain name, web hosting and web development tools are managed by HYBrain and are strictly confidential. Information on web tools are exclusive to us only.

HYBrain will only provide preventive maintenance. Any request for alterations are subject for a different quotation.

Some Blocks to Choose From

Static Elements

Below are static elements you  can include to your page


Slide 1 Heading
Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit dolor
Click Here
Slide 2 Heading
Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit dolor
Click Here
Slide 3 Heading
Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit dolor
Click Here

Animated Headline

This page is

This page is


Dynamic Functionalities to Choose From

Below are samples of Post Snippets

These automatically generate whenever you send an article to an email we will specify. They will automatically appear in your blog post page, and in the section where  you indicated  the Post Snippets.

HYBrain 3rd Anniversary

HYBrain Celebrates 3rd Year Anniversary

HYBrain celebrates 3rd Anniversary- both grateful and glad to have special guests from both the government and private sectors and still driven by the mission TO PROVIDE EASE to hospitals and corporations as we help them grow better. CFO Ms. Celeste Seraspe recognizes the company’s blessings through the years, not primarily on WHAT we have, but

Read More »


Forms or input forms are where your customers put  in their data to be sent to your assigned email. This can be used to gather feedback, questions, surveys and leads.

Search Forms

Search forms can placed anywhere in your page. They make data search easier. Three designs: Classic, minimal, full page.

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Free Business Email for Starter and Grow Big Packages

Free Email for Starter Package
Free Emails for Grow Big Package

A customized business email is a your email that starts with yourname@yourbusiness.com

  • Whereas, “yourname” is any  name that you choose, may it be first name or complete name or a certain word  or designation in your company.
  • Wheras, “yourbusiness.com” is the domain name that you chose which is  available and has been purchased already.
  • Whereas, the “.com” can be another suffix that can be decided on the onset and will be available for purchase.

The benefits of customized business email:

  • Professional: Emails that are hosted on free email providers give less professional identity because any person can create them and  thus, your recipients will have no way to verify you. Once your  email ends in your business name, it gives them  the impression that you  are serious about  your business or profession.
  • Identity and Marketing: Once you give  your email, they can now check that certain website and know more about you. Without it, they may try to Google you but it may lead to many  “the same names” causing a lost sale or opportunity.
Additional business emails beyond the free cost P3,000 each per user per year.

  • We will setup the domain wherein the emails sent to that email will be autoforwarded to your specified email. Once you reply  using your specific email, the email that will appear will be your own specified email.
  • We will send instructions how to access your customized email using a URL inside your domain, you can then respond there and  the email that will appear to  your recipient will be  your customized business email.
  • Spam filtering is not guaranteed in this customized business email.
However, we offer a separate quotation if  you want your  business email to be managed in the Google / Gmail environment. We call this “GSuite Integration”. This will allow you to avail Google’s security and management, having your email look like and function like Gmail. You  also avail all the other apps of Google such as Google Docs, Sheets, Drive, Slides, Forms and more. You  also avail of Google’s Spam filtering capacity. 
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